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COVID Survey

COVID-19 has and will for some time have profound effects on how we interact as humans. Every part of daily life has been affected. Simple errands need to be evaluated based on potential exposure and personal safety. In-person socialization now comes with special considerations. Tell us how the pandemic will affect your decision to attend our 50th.

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1)   If you have to fly a commercial airline to attend, are you willing to do that in a COVID world?

Even though airlines are running, there may be some that aren't ready to get on a plane.
2)   If and when the State of MA allows large gatherings, would you willingly follow the guidelines even if you did not agree with them?

Every state is publishing and updating their COVID-19 regulations and guidelines for public gatherings. This includes maximum numbers of people, distancing requirements and the wearing of masks. All our Classmates deserve to feel comfortable and safe.
3)   Our target date was October 16, 2021 for an indoor event. As that now looks unlikely, what is the minimum advance notice you need to commit to attending?,

We are actively looking at outdoor venue options and have to consider New England weather and cancellation clauses in the venue contract
4)   Are you OK with paying a non-refundable event fee?

Any venue we choose will include event minimums, personal guarantees and cancellation penalties. No one person should be on the hook for any shortages that may result from lower than anticipated attendance.
5)   Thanks to those of you who have already reached out to offer moral support and financial backing. It means a lot to us. It might not be October 16th at the Hilton or even in 2021, but we'll make this happen one way or another. Leave any comments below.